About The GYC
A free, warm, safe and discreet social network for young LGBT people worldwide aged 13-25.

About The Gay Youth Corner

The GYC is the top international gay youth website. We exist to enable young people talk to each online other in a friendly environment about issues that are on their mind. Sex, sexuality, health, school, work, relationships and family life.

We aim to produce a credible and high-quality website for young people. We believe that this involves providing dynamic and interactive services to our members to have meaningful conversations in a safe place. We offer our users a cool, alternative environment to play around with. When we say alternative, we mean that we want to communicate the diversity of gay youth - all of the various alternatives to the stereotypical gay person, yet not excluding it either.

Visitors to The GYC can establish friendships with people from any number of cultures and countries by using our website. Most of all we want this website to be enjoyable. To do this we run a smooth, efficient and honest operation in response to visitor activity and feedback.

Ultimately we hope that young people find security, confidence and answers to important questions at The GYC. We achieve our goals through maintaining a strong leadership base and strong partnerships with sponsors and affiliates. This is an open source website, which means the whole website is fully managed by the people who use it.

One of the things we care about the most if the safety of young people as they use the Internet, as it is very easy for online predators to lie about their identity on most websites. To this end, we create easy ways for young people to report individuals who are suspicious and we work closely with law enforcement agencies to convict offenders. We have a successful track record for doing this.

The GYC was not started in response to the quality of other gay youth websites like many claim to have done. These websites criticize the content already available to gay youth online, some even use the words "sterile" and "stagnent". We are not blind. We see a vast amount of useful information and fun places for people to visit if and when they question their sexuality.

We want to embrace the full spectrum of gay society that is becoming more and more prominent in western culture, and more welcome in eastern cultures. This means embracing gay youth online and the websites that they visit. Steryotypes may exist within general society , and without intending any revolt against normal society, we wish to portray the truth about the majorites and minorities of the gay, bisexual and lesbian people.



The Gay Youth Corner was originaly founded and opened in January 2004 by Hamish Priest in the form of Pride On in late 2003. After a lot of time spent and a few months later, The GYC as we saw it then was born.

"As a teenager I founded a website to better connect young gay people with each other for support and advice. We reached 1m daily active members at peek and helped to produce two TV shows for Channel 4. I led a team of 75 volunteers and learnt about success and failure. I also learnt A LOT about international IP and copyright law. Learnt to code in PHP/SQL/JAVA."

In 2020, after nearly a decade of being offline, The GYC was relaunched by British graphic designer, Lee Stewart. He is firm believer and supporter when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights.

In early 2021, The GYC (Ltd.) became a limited company with corporate personality in England and Wales (U.K.) with the following company number 13222486. Our company name was eventually dissolved in August 2022.


Mission Statement

"To push the LGBTQ+ community that the website serves, beyond stereotypes communicated in media and society"


Interesting Facts About Us

  • Our members are between 13-25 years of age.
  • The majority of our visitors are from the U.K, Canada, US and Australia.
  • We provide free membership to all people aged between 13 and 25.
  • The website was started by Hamish Priest at the age of 16.