What is The GYC?

The GYC is a community of young gay, lesbian and bisexual people. Realising that you are gay or bisexual is a very confusing and profound experience, and despite strong family ties it is often very challenging for young people to have an open dialogue with their family. This may be because think they will be met with a negative reaction or treated differently if their families knew about their secret.

The website allows young people to access advice content and the ability to interact with other young people in the same position. The GYC is not a dating website or a website that people should use to arrange meetings in real life. The GYC is an open source website and is managed by the community of people who use it.

I'm surprised to find my son/daughter using The GYC!

Discovering that your child is having problems or is asking questions that you were not aware of can often come as a surprise. There are many websites and organisations that exist for parents to help parents in these situations.

Check out PFLAG for help and support.

If you are a parent and have a question about The GYC or are concerned about specific behaviour of your child or of another user on this site, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. We are happy to help!

Safety on the Internet and The GYC

The most important task we have is making sure that this is a safe website to use by moderating user activity as well as trying to identify and report potential predators who attempt to access the website. While most people use social networking websites with good intentions there are others who would cause harm, and web technology has not progressed to the extent that it is possible for corporations, small websites (like us!) or governments to automatically detect these users.

What we do

We have a range of processes in place that help us to find and deal with predators, including reporting technology that means a user can let us know if they are suspicious of somebody at any point in their experience on The GYC using special report buttons. They can also contact our administrator.

What you can do

To help ensure that your child is safe on social networking websites in general, including The GYC, it is important that they understand they must not give out their personal information or meet people from the internet. At the same time it is also important that they know what to do if they feel unsafe or uncertain when they use a social networking website, for example that they should contact the people who run the website so that they can help, or that they contact the Police.You can help by having an open conversation with your child about how they use the internet.You may also want to control the websites that they access, including The GYC. You can install parental control software on your computer to do this.

In the U.K. you or your child can report suspicious people who use any website to the National Crime Agency, an agency set-up to protect children online. We have a strong history of working alongside International agencies to identify issues and convict those who break the law.